Real Madrid Vs. Barça: It Doesn’t Get More Classic

What's New — By Sarah E. Rogers on April 12, 2011 at 3:19 pm

What’s the fastest way to shut down the Spanish capital for a couple hours? No, the answer is not a labor strike; it’s a “Classic”: any soccer match between Madrid and Barcelona’s top teams and old rivals, Real Madrid and Barça. The next Real Madrid-Barça duel is coming on Saturday, April 16 and this time it’s being played on Madrid’s home turf.

All Bets Are on

This weekend’s Spanish League Classic (Clásico de la Liga Española) will be held at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeú Stadium!

Hands down, anywhere near the stadium in northern Madrid will be ready to party pre-game. And if Madrid wins, then downtown will become absolutely happy-crazy in record time. I’m talking serious euphoria and a real city-wide celebration here: people taking to the streets with cheers, shouts, car horn blasts, and the waving of flags.

Ready for a Rematch?

This month is an unusual Super Classic, with Real Madrid and Barça scheduled to play a second match in Valencia on Wednesday, April 20 for the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey) championship.

Like during other Classic games not held in the Spanish capital, Madrid’s streets will be temporarily deserted, the city effectively ground to a halt, while everyone’s eyes are glued to the television sets in all of Madrid’s homes and bars. Every so often a powerful shout will erupt through the windows and doorways open to the warm air. And if Real Madrid wins, then the city will instantly come alive like there’s no tomorrow.

Update: More Matches Coming Your Way!

In an unheard-of series of duels between Real Madrid and Barça, two more matches have just been confirmed:

  • On April 27, the Champions League Semi Final at Madrid’s own Santiago Bernabeú Stadium.
  • Then on May 3, the Champions League Semi Final, but this time on Barça’s home turf, Camp Nou Stadium.

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