Real Madrid Lose Grip on the King’s Cup!

What's New — By Sarah E. Rogers on April 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm

On Wednesday night, Real Madrid and Barça went head to head for the King’s Cup Final (Final de la Copa del Rey) in Valencia. To the delight of Madrileños and Real Madrid fans everywhere, Real Madrid prevailed and much celebrating and horn honking ensued.

However, in a surreal turn of events, Real Madrid’s trophy was run over by a bus. The soccer team’s own bus, actually.

After the Real Madrid win, the team drove straight to Madrid to celebrate. In spite of the rain and the late hour, the Real Madrid team paraded through the streets of the Spanish capital in their open-top bus amidst thousands of enthusiastic fans.

But at one point, when player Sergio Ramos was hoisting the trophy, he lost his grip on it and the trophy fell on the ground, where it was run over by the team’s bus. It was quickly retrieved but the damage had already been done. Here’s the BBC’s take on it:

[Photo: Alejandro Ramos]