San Isidro Fiestas

Events — By Sarah E. Rogers on May 5, 2011 at 10:12 am

Madrid’s patron saint, San Isidro, is celebrated May 15 with the San Isidro fiestas. These celebrations are local in nature, with residents enjoying picnics with their family and friends in San Isidro Park and Las Vistillas Park, and there are street fairs in the La Latina and Carabanchel neighborhoods.

Many people dress up in a traditional 19th-century costume. Women wear a headscarf tied under the chin, a shawl around the shoulders, a dress that fits tightly over the hips but flares out towards the feet, and a red carnations. Men wear a black-and-white-checkered flat cap, vest, and jacket with black slacks and a white shirt.

Other traditions include dancing to street organ music and eating rosquillas, special  sweets: rosquillas tontas (with anise), rosquillas listas (covered in powdered sugar), rosquillas de Santa Clara (covered in merengue), and rosquillas francesas (covered in powdered sugar and chopped almonds).


[Photo: Marta Súarez]