Free Things to Do in Madrid

Travel Tips — By Sarah E. Rogers on July 26, 2011 at 7:10 pm

Regardless of your budget, it is practically impossible to be bored in Madrid; aside from being Spain’s artistic and cultural capital, Madrid has an amazing variety of free things to do. Wondering where to start? With many museums, parks, churches and squares to choose from, we’ve compiled a guide to the best of them.


Many of Madrid’s world-class museums are always free, or free on certains days and times.

The following museums are always free:

And these museums are free during certain days and times, primarily on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings:

Parks and Gardens

Madrid has plenty of green spaces for strolling, relaxing and admiring nature.


Madrid’s churches are rich in history and artistic treasures.

Public Squares

People-watching in the historic public squares is a unique Madrid experience. And if the weather is nice, you will see cafes set up tables there.

[Photo: Librarygroover]