What to Pack for a Winter Holiday in Madrid

Travel Tips — By Sarah E. Rogers on October 10, 2011 at 12:41 pm

A city sitting on a plain surrounded by mountains, Madrid gets quite hot in the summer and downright chilly in the winter. In fact, due to the elevation of the city, the winter lows tend to feel like a mountainous cold. It also typically snows for at least a few days in Madrid each year, though the snow doesn’t tend to stay on the ground long at all.

While there are plenty of interesting places in Madrid to keep warm, out of the cold and with sangría and hot chocolate available, it’s best to be prepared for that outside winter bite. So without further ado, here is our recommended packing list for getting the most out of a fun winter visit to Madrid:

  • Layers of clothing: Dress in layers. They don’t have to be thick layers, but multiple layers of clothing will keep you warm as well as give you the ability to peel off the excess when you need to. Think sweaters and shirts as well as stockings or thermal underwear under your pants or jeans.
  • Winter coat: Invest in a good, thick winter coat to keep you warm but also stylish. Madrid is a big city that appreciates fashion.
  • Winter accessories: Bring a warm hat, scarf, gloves and pair of boots. And if you don’t have fashionable leather boots, you can easily acquire those in Madrid.
  • Umbrella: While it won’t rain every day, it’s good to be prepared for the inevitable winter sprinkle.

[Photo: Emi Yañez]