Best Madrid Museums for Children

Things to Do — By Sarah E. Rogers on November 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Madrid is known for its plethora of awesome museums. But while you may be drooling over the chance to see Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica at the Reina Sofia, the kids may not be. When you have the kids in tow, consider some of Madrid’s more kid-friendly museums:

  • Train Museum: An 1880 station filled with historic trains, equipment and memorabilia, the Train Museum is a favorite among both kids and adults. The snack bar is on board a 1920s era train.
  • Atlético Museum: The guided visit takes in the Atlético team’s Vicente Calderon stadium, where you are allowed to sit on the team’s game bench, as well as the museum (considered one of the best sports museums around) with cases of the team’s trophies and jerseys.
  • Naval Museum: This museum charts Spain’s history as a naval power and traces battles, naval campaigns and the development of nautical instruments. The ship cabin reproductions will be a favorite.
  • Natural Science Museum: Here you’ll see dinosaur reproductions as well as almost four million animals that have been preserved and stuffed. There are free workshops on the weekends.
  • Wax Museum: Though a far cry from the world-class art museums that make Madrid a must-see destination, the Wax Museum is a popular place for the kids with Spain’s bullfighters and monarchs on display.

[Photo: M. Peinado