Magical Show in Lahaina, Literally

Food, Nightlife — By keithdevey on July 30, 2010 at 12:24 pm

To me there are two different kinds of magicians.  There are those who have huge props and take 20 minutes to perform some elaborate illusion involving stagehands, beautiful assistants, and intense crescendos of music, and then there are those who perform quick sleight-of-hand tricks 10 feet away from you.  If you are a fan of the latter, like me, you will have a ball at Warren & Annabelle’s magic show on Front Street.

Warren’s magic show takes place in a small theater which has about four rows of 10-15 seats, so every guest has an amazing view of the stage.  As Warren begins to warm up his magic act you will find youself  laughing to tears at tricks, audience members, and yourself as he does an amazing job interacting with each audience member.  Often time’s newlyweds will be moved to the front row seats, which makes them prime targets for the humorous acts.

His sense of humor is only half of the package.  The magic is what will have you leaving the show racking your brain.  I recall one trick involving a signed $100 bill and an orange that still haunts me to this day.  He has an arsenal of card and coin tricks that will also have you darting stares to your fellow audience members to see if they might have caught a solution to the trick that you had missed.

Warren & Annabelle’s has been voted favorite activity/show on Maui by numerous publications, and is definitely my top recommendation for evening entertainment in Lahaina (Ulalena is a close second).  You can opt to purchase tickets to just the show ($58) or purchase a package which includes dinner, drinks, and the show ($94).  Two shows are scheduled nightly, which run roughly two hours each.

Note:  Warren takes special care of audience members who are in the armed forces.  He will usually discount tickets or give them prime seating in the center of the front row.

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