Maui Food-Eating Challenge (Think Man vs. Food)

Food, Things to Do — By keithdevey on October 6, 2010 at 1:29 am

Most people vacationing on Maui choose to relax, but if for some reason you find yourself fueled with adrenaline and possessing the appetite of a lion, make your way over to a famous restaurant in Kihei and attempt the 32 oz burger eating competition.

That’s right all you food junkies out there, Maui has our own food-eating challenges that television shows like Man vs. Food haven’t yet discovered.

Lulu’s is a family-friendly burger joint located on Maui’s southern coast in the town of Kihei.  Some of the leading reasons to head to LuLu’s for a meal include the fantastic happy hour pricing, amazing burgers complemented with volcano fries or garlic fries, and scenic ocean views from the restaurant’s elevated second-story open-air dining area.  LuLu’s even turns into a happening “nightclub” at night, complete with d.j.’s, bands, and a roomy dance floor.

Now, back to the food challenge you are surely salivating over.  For $27.99, you can order LuLu’s Baby Burger Challenge.  After a small crowd forms around you in anticipation, you will be delivered a 32 oz burger with all the fixings.  If you can successfully devour the miniature cow in under 10 minutes, the meal is free (stomach ache will cost you), and you get your picture on the wall of fame. How many people can say they went to Maui and made a hall of fame?

If you don’t feel up to the challenge, you can still order the monster burger and share it with the family.  All in all, LuLu’s is absolutely worth a stop.

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