Say Aloha to Plastic Bags on Maui

What's New — By keithdevey on October 15, 2010 at 1:33 am

Each year plastic bags create havoc on Maui as they get caught in the strong trade winds and blow into the ocean.  Tropical fish and other marine life get caught in the bags and drown.  Plastic bags that float on the ocean’s surface also confuse birds and turtles that mistake the debris for an easy meal. The plastic bags fill the contents of the animal’s stomach and often cause a false sense of being full, which leads to starvation.

The island of Maui has come up with an easy solution, no more plastic bags.  Starting January 11th, 2011, you will no longer see plastic bags with handles given out at grocery stores, t-shirt shops, hardware stores, etc.  Maui will be taking a page out of the city of San Francisco’s play book, and go plastic-less.  The island of Kauai is also instituting the same ordinance.

All tourists planning a vacation to Maui this fall and winter should help in the effort and purchase re-usable cloth bags or request paper bags.  Help keep Maui clean and our waters safe and beautiful.

In honor of Blog Action Day (a day when bloggers around the globe unite to write on the same topic), I have dedicated this blog entry to this year’s topic of “water,” and how to prevent pollution in Maui’s oceans.

[Image source: jurvetson]

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