Amazing Gourmet Shortbread Cookies on Maui

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In Lahaina, along Front Street or in Whaler’s Village, there is a little store that sells individually wrapped gourmet shortbread cookies in the shape of pineapples that taste as if they fell from the heavens.  I am convinced the cookies are packaged individually because if they came in a large bag, they would be devoured in one sitting. The cookie store goes by the name of Honolulu Cookie Company, and the buttery smell combined with the grouping of tourists at the entrance will prevent you from missing it.

One reason these cookies receive such high accolades is the assortment of tropical flavors to select from.  Top flavors include mango macadamia, lilikoi mango, white chocolate kona coffee, dark chocolate coconut, and pineapple macadamia.  The flavor doesn’t stop there.  Over half of the cookie selections are submerged in a thick layer of irresistible chocolate, and some even have a piece of tropical dried fruit centered in the cookie.

The Honolulu Cookie Company traces its beginnings back to 1997, but first appeared on Maui with a stand-alone store in 2007.  Because each cookie is so different in taste, the store allows you to pick and choose cookie arrangements.  You could select one of each or a whole box of dark chocolate coconut (my favorite).  If you don’t know what cookie you want, no worries, free samples are provided!  After you purchase a box, be sure to pick up the free cookie catalog so you can learn more about  the ingredients.

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