A Maui Restaurant with a Priceless Sunset View

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The most popular luau on Maui is the Old Lahaina Luau, located on Front Street in Lahaina.  Year in and year out this production of entertainment, food, and cultural activities, receives countless awards and accolades.  Right next door to the Old Lahaina Luau campus is a smaller piece of property that also rakes in a ton of praise.  I am talking about the restaurant that serves award-winning Hawaiian mixed plates that goes by the name of Aloha Mixed Plate.

It is easy to miss the stop for Aloha Mixed Plate as it is located a tad off of Front Street, practically on the ocean’s edge, and the parking lot is very “manini” (small) [learn some other popular Hawaiian words]. The reason I believe this particular eatery is so popular is the breathtaking views and open air lounging.  Let’s face it, if you are eating dinner on a tropical island, you should be surrounded with palm trees, enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean, as you feel the tropical breeze pass over you at your table.   Aloha Mixed Plate offers this exact tropical environment. Insider tip: Show up about 45 minutes before sunset and request to be seated down by the water’s edge.  Lahaina sunsets can’t help but amplify your taste buds.

The food served at Aloha Mixed Plate is extremely authentic.  Sample traditional Hawaiian dishes as well as other recipes inspired by Asian influences.  The prices are quite reasonable as well! After the sun has set and you have finished off that kalua pork and Mai Tai, take a walk past the art galleries, desert parlors, and souvenir shops on Front Street for a perfect cap to the night.

[Photo source: www.alohamixedplate.com]

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