Premium Vodka Made From Pineapple on Maui

Nightlife, What's New — By keithdevey on December 12, 2010 at 10:32 pm

Pau Maui Vodka screams prestige.  With the custom-designed packaging, unique distillation process, and limited annual supply, it will be interesting to see how popular this Maui vodka (started in 2008) becomes as word begins to spread on the mainland and internationally.

According to the Pau Maui Vodka website (also very prestigious), pineapple mush is distilled in glass stills, as opposed to industry standard copper stills. The glass stills produce extremely pure levels of vodka which is then mixed with Hawaiian spring water, bringing the final alcohol level down to 80 proof.   The whole operation is run by one master distiller who was recruited to Maui to make the world’s finest vodka. I have not actually tried Pau vodka yet, but have been told that you cannot actually taste any hint of pineapple.

When I walked through the liquor aisle at Longs, I found two bottles of Pau for sale locked inside a glass box. Both bottles were numbered with a unique identifier, as I have been told that only 1,500 bottles are offered each year.  The bottles were priced around $100 and also come with a signed autograph from the master distiller.

So, while you are dining out on Maui, you may want to check with the waiter/waitress to see if Pau Vodka is on their shelves.

For those curious, “pau” translates to “done” in English.

[Photo source: Pau Maui Vodka]

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