Some Great Free Things to do on Maui

Travel Tips — By keithdevey on August 16, 2011 at 3:36 am

This week’s Nileguide assignment is to list a few options for free entertainment on Maui. Naturally, my first recommendation would be to head to the beach.

All the beaches on Maui are public, which means there is no strip of coastline off limits.  Choose from sandy beaches in Ka’anapali, surfing beaches along the North Shore, snorkeling beaches in Kihei, or even black and red sand beaches in Hana.  If you aren’t a water person, simply walk along the sand looking for shells or wade in shoreline tide pools scanning the still water for marine life (I really like Ulua beach for this activity!).  

Another free activity on Maui is hiking. Head out to Iao Valley State Park and park your car just outside the gated parking lot (it will cost $5 – $10 if you choose to park in the parking lot).  Once out of your car, explore the State Park where a historic Hawaiian battle was stages many centuries ago. Take a dip in the fresh water streams, climb to scenic look outs, or walk through the preserved taro farm.

A hiking option on the other side of the island can be found near the Kapalua Golf Courses.  A free Kapalua shuttle bus will pick you up at the pro shop and drive you high in elevation above the golf courses.  Follow a trail through down the mountains through natural Maui wilderness. The hike will take you about two hours to complete.

Besides the beaches and hiking, I would have to argue that a Maui sunset is the best bargain on the island. Cap the day off on a lawn chair and watch the sun set over the West Maui Mountains.

[Image source: Flikr user stephenrwalli]