Three Great Romantic Options on Maui

Things to Do — By keithdevey on August 21, 2011 at 9:10 pm

I can easily think of about six or seven college friends who have selected Maui as their honeymoon destination of choice over the last four years.  With our beautiful beaches, relaxing 5-star resorts, and laid back personality, Maui is a great retreat for love birds looking to enjoy each others company after a sometimes hectic wedding.  Here are just three suggestions for a romantic outing on Maui.

Lahaina Sunset or Dinner Cruise: The Lahaina Harbor launches many boat outings on a weekly basis. Options include whale watching adventures, snorkeling trips to Molokini, ferries to Lanai, taxis to Atlantis submarine, deep sea fishing charters, and so much more. My top recommendation for a romantic time at sea is a sunset cocktail or dinner cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation.  Couples will enjoy motoring around just off the Maui coastline for a couple hours as they are entertained with live music and local food and drinks.  They even start the journey with a photo shoot on the dock!  Check the Pacific Whale Foundation event calendar for special events such as Valentines Day cruises, full moon cruises, and reggae cruises.

Survive the Road to Hana: I remember learning about a phenomenon in a college psychology that discussed the idea of near death experiences resulting in intensified romantic bonds for those parties involved. The road to Hana isn’t really that dangerous, it is just adventurous, windy, and holds a different surprise behind every turn.  For couples looking to see beautiful landscapes, fresh flora, and waterfalls galore, a drive to Hana is your best option. Hana is where you will most likely take that photo that will later be blown up, framed, and put on the fireplace mantle.

Mama’s Fish House: I include this suggestion because some couples picture a romantic outing as an expensive dinner with premium selections of food and a storied location.  Ask anyone on Maui what the most prestigious restaurant on the island is, and you will most commonly be told Mama’s Fish House. The Paia restaurant is located on beachfront real estate and serves up menu items made from fresh caught fish, locally grown organic vegetables, and even lobsters caught from an obscure and remote island. Newly weds and engaged couples should be encouraged to order a chocolate pearl dessert (it will have you grabbing your camera for a photo before you bite into it). Just look at that photo, it’s a work of art!

[Image source: Flickr user Mastery of Maps]

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