What to Pack for a winter trip to Maui

Travel Tips — By keithdevey on December 15, 2011 at 4:34 am

I have always been an extremely light packer.  Think hobo stick minus a few pounds.  So it always boggles my mind when some travelers need three suitcases for a week-long vacation.   For this post I will highlight what should absolutely be included (and excluded) from your winter vacation to Maui.

First off, I will start with the items to exclude from your packing list.  First off, don’t bring the house pet.  There is a reason Paris Hilton is never photographed with her purse dog while vacationing in Hawaii. Hawaii has some pretty strict quarantine laws with it comes to pets and foreign species (I have read some documents that state up to 120 days of quarantine).

Another item you can leave at home is the golf clubs.  I am pretty sure most airlines charge a special fee to check on golf clubs as they must be handled differently than normal baggage.  Plus, when you get to the Maui airport you will probably have to wait an extended amount of time at the carousel for the crew to bring out your clubs separately.  One thing to keep in mind is that Maui is crawling with golf courses and golf rental stores.  You can rent a 2012 edition of name brand Nike clubs for $20.  Try a new course and a new set of clubs!

Now let’s get to what you should bring. Maui weather in the winter is pretty similar to the temps you will see in the fall, spring, and summer.  If you could bet on the weather in Hawaii at a Vegas casino, put your money on 86 degrees +/- 3 degrees. (Go check out the forecast for today to see if I’m right).

Knowing that you will have some great weather, I would stick to tropical clothing like shorts, skirts, swimsuits, tank tops, slippers, etc.  At the most you will need one pair of pants (if you plan to attend an evening luau or something).  If you are going to go overboard on one article of clothing, I would strongly recommend packing a few additional swimsuits.  There probably won’t be a single day of your vacation where you aren’t lounging by the pool, riding a wave, exploring a waterfall, or sampling a tropical rain pool.

Here are a couple items to pack that might slip your mind:

  •  A hat:  Some of my friends who have visited in the past always seem to forget a ball cap.  If you are out in the sun all day exploring out tropical paradise, a hat can really come in handy for reducing your UV intake.
  • Binoculars:  This one might be somewhat of a stretch, but let me explain.  The winter months make up the peak whale-watching season in the Hawaiian Islands.  Bring the binoculars to the beach and scan the horizon for breaches and spouts.  There are countless scenic lookouts along the coastline where you can scan the Pacific Ocean.
  • Beach towel:  Sometimes the hotel towel might not do the trick when you want to lie out on a nice comfortable towel on the beach.
  • A book:  What else are you going do in that hammock for two hours!

If you have some other tips for what to pack please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Once last tip I have is for the water sport enthusiasts. The winter season is when Maui traditionally experiences our largest waves. You may want to think about bringing your surfboard or bodyboard.  I know Hawaiian Airlines allows for one surfboard to travel for free per passenger!

[Image source: Flickr user Kthread]