Best Dessert Spots on Maui

Food — By keithdevey on December 29, 2011 at 4:42 am

There are plenty of amazing places to eat dinner on Maui, but I definitely encourage readers to branch out when it comes to dessert.  Opt to refuse the dessert menu and relocate to one of these after-dinner venues to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Great Dessert Options on Maui:

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice: This shave ice stand has a couple locations on Maui, but the tourists usually head to the Lahaina stand, since it is located right on Front Street.  When the cruise ship is in the Lahaina Harbor forget about getting a shave ice, because the line is usually 15 or 20 people deep (someone on the ship must point the passengers to this spot).  Ululani’s has quickly grown to be the most popular shave ice place on Maui, probably because to the dedication to using great ingredients and locally grown add-ons.

Home Maid Bakery:  This hole-in-the-wall bakery has been on Maui since 1960, and is arguably your best option for finding warm malasadas.  For those unfamiliar with malasadas, they are similar to doughnut holes dumped in sugar.  They are very tasty and something locals have grown to love.  Definitely try to swing by Home Maid Bakery to sample a malasada! (If you happen to be in town during the county fair, definitely swing by the malasada booth!)

Lappert’s:  This ice cream parlor is not unlike any other ice cream store you have been in before, but there is something about the history of this Hawaii chain that has loyal customers coming back year after year. The Lappert family used to vacation in Hawaii every year, and after one year of tasting a horrible ice cream cone, decided they would move to Hawaii to open up an ice cream stand. Now, some 20+ years later, the ice cream store still serves great flavors, and every time I walk by their Front Street location, I always smell the waffle cones and have to head in for a taste.

Honolulu Cookie Company: These gourmet shortbread cookies are the best cookie you will every snack on.  There are plenty of tropical flavors to choose from and each cookie is individually wrapped.  Pick and choose which cookies you would like to purchase.  Once you have your cookies, head over to the Banyan Tree across the street, find a bench, and enjoy these Hawaiian-made treats!


[Image source: Ululani’s Shave Ice and Honolulu Cookie Company]