One Day In Moab

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Just have one day to explore Moab? You can still enjoy this canyon country town. Here are our favorite things to do in Moab in a day.


~Juice up! Grab a smoothie, coffee, or yummy muffin at the Peace Tree Juice Café and you’ll understand while locals love this popular little spot to get their mojo flowing in the morning.

~Need a more leisurely breakfast?  Swing by the Jailhouse Café, where you can examine up-close the reinforced doorways that used to house real inmates back in the Wild West days. Now, enjoy a delicious selection from their menu.



~If you like to mountain bike, check out Behind the Rocks just south of town. Test your skill on tight  turns, sweet downhills, and terrain that makes you pay attention. This area also, uh, rocks for bouldering and viewing little-seen natural arches.


~The locals also head to the Sand Flats Recreation Area (home of the famous Slickrock Bike Trail) to have some fun. Camp, roar along on an ATV, hike the backcountry–no matter how you do it, you’ll have over 7,000 acres to play in.



~Wander the Museum of Moab and learn about the town’s history. Exhibits on ancient Native Americans, cattle rustlers, ranchers, miners, and other colorful characters will deepen your knowledge of this surprisingly historically-rich area. The museum is also a good choice if you have kids with you.


For kids:

~Dinosaur tracks? Cool! Take a little stroll and gaze upon millions-of-years-old tracks left for eternity in the rocks on the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail. The trail itself is short, and the tracks fascinating.

photo: BA Bowen Photography/Flickr

~Waterfowl in the desert? But of course, if you’re at the Matheson Wetlands Preserve. A boarded walkway meanders through the preserve, offering up stellar opportunities for some bird-sighting with young naturalists.


For lovers:

~Drive the Dead Horse Point Mesa Scenic Byway for views that astound and might inspire romance. For added oomph, plan to reach the overlook in time for sunset, which some rate as one of the best possible views in the entire world.

photo: El Frito/Fickr

~Cruise the Colorado by starlight with your honey on a Canyonlands By Night tour. Enjoy dinner, see petroglyphs on the canyon walls as you float by, and snuggle close.



~Thai, anyone? Singha is a welcome surprise in the desert.  If you like your curry authentic, this place is pretty good.

~ Zax Pizza is casual, good, and features a decent beer list. Great family spot, too.

photo: RobertDuncan1/Flickr

~Head to the Moab Brewery for really good pub food (there’s actually a pretty extensive menu), great beer, and a seriously fun atmosphere.

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