Where to Take Out of Town Guests to Dinner in Moab

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Family or good friends are visiting. They scoff at finding decent eats in Moab. You want to show off the dining options in this little town better known for its off-camber pitches and screaming downhill descents. Where to take them? Oh, we know a few good joints, for sure. From simple to elegant, kid-friendly to romantic spots, we rustled up our favorites. In no particular order, here are our suggestions of that perfect spot to take your folks, best friends, or long-lost cousin to dinner in Moab.

Jeffrey’s Steakhouse

If your guests are into steak, this is the hot place right now. Serving American Wagyu beef, Jeffrey’s is a classy deal. Need more proof? Their beef is also referred to as “butter knife beef” because it’s so tender, you can cut it with a butter knife.

photo: avlxyz/Flickr

Miguel’s Baja Grill

If a hankering for Mexican is expressed, head to Miguel’s and go for the fish tacos. Those are truly exceptional. Also noteworthy are the chicken enchiladas in mole sauce. A family-friendly sort of place, you can still get grown-up drinks.

Singha Thai

Your in-laws want Thai food? You can give it to ’em in Moab.┬áThai food in the desert seems incongruous, but they’ve pulled it off admirably at Singha Thai. We like the crab rangoon…

Sabaku Sushi

Whoa. Sushi in Moab? Yup. Fairly new to town, Sabaku fills the craving for sushi. An eye-opening surprise for your visitors and a fun way to end the day after adventuring out and about.

photo: Sabaku Sushi

Desert Bistro

It’s pricy but it’s a really nice place to take people. If you need to show off or are entertaining people with exacting tastes, bring your guests here. It’s quiet, it’s pleasant, and it’s pretty yummy.

Zax Pizza

Just about everyone loves pizza, right? This place isn’t fancy, but it is good. Their pizza hits the spot, and Zax has a fun atmosphere as well as good pies.

photo: squidpants/Flickr

Moab Brewery

If your visitors roll their eyes at the mere thought of finding decent beer in Utah, take them to the Moab Brewery. The award-winning brews here should change their suspicious little minds and end the day on a happy note. Oh, the food’s really pretty good too.

Sunset Grill

The fancy food is okay. The view while you’re eating said food? Outstanding. It’s a choice location for wedding receptions, engagement parties, banquets, date night…you get the drift. Sit outside if it’s warm and soak in those endless views.


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