Best Cafes in Moab

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If you take your coffee seriously, you keep an eye out for good java joints when you travel. Moab, Utah, might not seem to be as caffeine-oriented as, say, Seattle–but rest assured, you can find a very good cup o’ joe in Moab. Whether you want to grab it quickly to go before you head out for a day among the red rocks, or you’d rather savor a leisurely sit down experience while you people watch the locals and tourists alike, I’ve got a short list of the best cafes in Moab.

Wicked Brew

This isn’t even a full stop–just roll up in your car, place your order with the friendly barista hanging out in the unassuming little coffee shack, and then roll on out of there, totally excellent coffee in hand. Yup, Wicked Brew is a drive-thru, which is a genius idea in a town so focused on outdoor activity. Locals love it here, and it’s easy to find on the town’s main drag. 132 North Main Street, (435) 259-0021

Love Muffin Cafe

True to its cute name, the Love Muffin Cafe is loved by locals and visitors alike. Why? Great service, great product, great experience. The coffee is excellent, and it’s always fun to see what foam design your barista might come up with. If you really want to pamper yourself, order a tiramisu latte. Oh, the yumminess. 139 North Main, (435) 259-6833

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Wake and Bake Cafe

For the full on sit-down experience, head for the Wake and Bake. Serving not only coffee but breakfast delights and lunchtime goodies, this cafe offers a nice slice of local life mingled with the tourist crowd. Snugged up against Eddie McStiff’s, they’re also easy to find.  57 South Main, (435) 259-2420


Another sit-down cafe, Eklecticafe is cute, has original menu items such as the Wake Up Wakame (steamed seaweed, which is very delicious and powerful fuel for your day), and they serve organic, fair trade, shade-grown coffee roasted in Utah. Outside seating is available for those warm mornings. 352 North Main, (435) 259-6896

Red Rock Bakery

This makes the “best cafe” list for its local ambiance and filling portions of good food they serve up alongside their coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and patrons are welcome to use the computer there to check their Facebook account and brag about the epic mountain bike ride they had yesterday on the Slickrock Trail. You can also bring your own laptop and plug in for a while as you sip your espresso. 74 South Main, (435) 259-5941


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