How to Choose a Tour Guide in Moab

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Outdoor adventure defines Moab. If you want to experience the Moab area up close and personal, you’ll probably want to use a guiding service. There are plenty of Moab tour operators online to search as you plan your trip. Here’s what to consider when you choose who’s going to be in charge of your fun, time, and safety.

Choose your activity, then find someone who specializes in it

Some guiding companies do it all. But chances are, you’ll have a much better time if you pick someone who really knows what they’re doing because that’s just about all they do. If a place seems to be a jack of all trades, check out the guides for specific expertise before signing on.

photo: MoabAdventurer/Flickr

Background check

Scan the fine print. Ask for customer referrals. Seek out info online about the company with whom you’re about to head into the wild blue yonder. Remember to keep a balanced view if you run across superlative rants or raves. Reviews can be doctored, bought, or made in the heat of a moment. Articles from legitimate sources may hold more credibility.

Who are you?

Be sure the tour company is aware of the personalities, physicalities, and medical needs of everyone in your party. Most guiding companies can accommodate diverse groups of people, but it’s always good to be sure they’re crystal clear on every detail.

Honest is as honest does

Your guide will definitely not appreciate it if you’re not totally honest about your fitness level or fear factor. If you want to really enjoy your Moab adventure, you must be very upfront about everything. The tour company wants to keep you safe when they take you into a wilderness far from quick help in the event of an emergency.

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