Best Irish Pubs in Monterey

Food — By mfitzsimmons on February 8, 2012 at 1:02 pm

With Saint Patrick’s Day creeping around the corner, Monterey is one of the best destinations in California to bring out the Irish in anyone. Here’s a rundown of some of the best bars (or pubs, if you will) serving up food from the Isle of Eire in Monterey-proper.

The Bulldog Pub: While the Bulldog Pub is British in persuasion, it’s intimate, small-town vibe makes it feel like any local watering whole in a village on the Emerald Isle. With over 16 beers on tap, burgers, fish and chips, and other traditional fare, the Bulldog is a perfect spot to fill up and throw back a few pints.

Bullwacker’s: Officially, this pub is called “Captain Bullwacker’s” and you know with a name like that, there’s go to be a good time going on inside. One of Bullwacker’s biggest draws, besides being conveniently located on Cannery Row, is it’s ample outdoor heated patio, perfect for large groups or those sunny days where you just have to drink a Guinness in the shade. The food here is above par. Dishes like fish n’ chips, steak and lobster, and traditional bangers and mash are served in hearty portions. When you need something to warm your bones, check out Bullwacker’s.

Bag pipe band plays on the patio at Bullwacker's.

A bag pipe band blows some hot air at Bullwacker's on Cannery Row.

The Crown and Anchor: Located smack dab in Monterey’s historic downtown, the C&A serves juicy, slow simmered corned beef, paired with cabbage of course, lamb shanks, fish and chips, and traditional cottage pie made with savory ground beef, vegetables, and covered with a baked layer of mashed potatoes. They also serve plenty of fresh seafood dishes. Eat like the Irish at this local favorite.

A laden table at The Crown and Anchor, Monterey

A table laden with Irish fare, both edible and drinkable, at The Crown and Anchor.


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