Bixi’s are back!!!!!

What's New — By Hank Snow on April 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Cruise Through the City on Your Very Own Care-Free Bike!
You really know Spring is back in town when the Bixis start showing up. Montreal’s very own bike-rental systems, which is now spreading from Toronto to Paris, is back on the streets. We couldn’t be more excited, and you really ought to try these out while you’re in town. Bixis are the future! You won’t be able to walk anywhere without seeing these cute bicycles as people pedal with great ease around the city and then drop them off without a care at the Bixi stand nearest their destination. Bixis are pretty hard not to miss.
If you want to try this futuristic and green system out all you need is a credit card. You place your card in the (solar powered) reader, and then pick up a bike, It costs $5 for 24 hours, and while you can only keep the bike for 30 minutes at a time (enough time to pretty get you much anywhere on the island). And then when you get there you leave the bike for the next Bixi user. But of course when you are ready to return, or continue on your journey you are free to take another Bixi bike. It’s like having your very own bicycle, but without having to ever care about it!

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