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Eating Veggie In Mumbai

Eating Veggie In Mumbai July 30, 2010 | What's New | Read More
There is surely no other country in the world that has such strong associations with vegetarianism as does India. The rise of vegetarianism goes back to 500 BC when Ancient Hindu scriptures spoke in favour of the sacred importance of vegetarian eating, which have been respected and revered for generations....

The Mumbai Music Scene

The Mumbai Music Scene July 23, 2010 | What's New | Read More
For those of you who picture the Mumbai music scene as a set of cliché-ridden corny Bollywood singing scenes, a trip to Mumbai will completely reestablish your faith in Indian music. The music scene in the Cosmopolitan city of Mumbai has seriously exploded over the last few years; music venues have...

Top 5 Corporate Hotels in Mumbai

Top 5 Corporate Hotels in Mumbai July 16, 2010 | What's New | Read More
Mumbai is the business and financial hub of India. The Home of many important financial intuitions, as well as one of the most important harbors in the country, the city is referred to as the economic powerhouse of India. In recent years, Mumbai’s hospitality sector has dramatically developed in order...

Festival Ganesh Chaturthi

Festival Ganesh Chaturthi July 9, 2010 | What's New | Read More
If you are looking to experience some authentic Indian rituals, time your trip to Mumbai in accordance with the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, which happens for ten days in the month of “Bhaarapada” of the Hindu calendar, which falls between the 20th August and 15th September. During this time, wonderful...

Royal to the ruinous, Mumbai, a city of contrasts.

Royal to the ruinous, Mumbai, a city of contrasts. June 2, 2010 | What's New | Read More
C.S.T (Victoria Terminus) The Dhobi Ghat Having just spent three months in south-east Asia I felt reasonably well prepared for what India was about to throw at me. The rich textured smells of freshly prepared curry, street hawks, religious guru’s and the contrast of desperate poverty set against some...
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