More Oktoberfest Alternatives

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Last week I wrote about the Rosenheim Herbstfest and how it is a great alternative for those wanting the Oktoberfest experience without all the negative things that come with the name.  Of course the Rosenheim Herbstfest is not your only choice as there is a Volksfest in nearly every town and village in Bavaria that is held sometime between May and October.  As most of the Volksfest season has already passed, I’ll focus on the ones you can still catch this year.

Here is a list of dates and fests that would make great Oktoberfest alternatives:

27.08.-05.09.2010 70. Erdinger Herbstfest (this is in the town of Erding, which is a distant suburb of Munich)

27.08.-12.09.2010 Herbstvolksfest Nürnberg (Nuremberg’s Autumn fest)

27.08.-12.09.2010 Augsburger Herbstplärrer (Augsburg’s Autumn fest)

03.09.-12.09.2010 Volksfest Freising (this is in the town of Freising, which is right next to Munich’s airport)

27.08.-12.09.2010 Herbstdult Regensburg

11.09.-19.09.2010 Septemberdult, Ingolstadt

None of these are exactly like the Oktoberfest, but for many people they’re actually better than the real thing.

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