The Hofbräuhaus

Food, Nightlife — By Mike Richardson on December 15, 2010 at 11:08 am

Unquestionably the #1 beer hall in Munich and arguably in the world is the famous Hofbräuhaus.  Whether one talks about the historical significance of the building, the atmosphere, or the consistency of the food and beer, the Hofbräuhaus is nearly impossible to beat.  This is the only restaurant that has an oompah band playing every night of the week and the only place that I would say you absolutely MUST visit to claim you’ve been to Munich.

The original Hofbräu brewery was located just one block away with the Hofbräu wheat beer brewery opening in 1607 on the spot where the Hofbräuhaus is today.  Since 1897 the Hofbräuhaus has been the beer hall of beer halls.

The Food:  Traditional Bavarian food.

The Beer: The Hofbräu brewery is owned by the state of Bavaria and is one of the 6 major breweries in town.  Hofbräu has excellent beer by all accounts.

The Price: The Hofbräuhaus is quite cheap as far as the food is concerned, with lots of options between 8 and 12 Euros.  The beer is about 20 cents more per liter than lesser beer halls.

The Atmosphere: noisy and crowded, the way a beer hall should be.

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