Ali Baba Restaurant

Food — By Mike Richardson on December 22, 2010 at 12:28 pm

There are dozens of döner kebab places around Munich.  I’ve tried most of them.  Where I’m originally from I loved going to Mexican restaurants, particularly the ones where all the Mexicans would go themselves.  Ali Baba is the Turkish version of that, but in Munich instead of Minnesota…it’s where the Turkish go for good Turkish food.

The main attraction is the döner kebabs.  For this you just get in line and tell them how many you want and if you want it Scharf (hot…if you say it once, he’ll understand “German hot”, so be very insistent if you actually like spicy food, because German hot is a joke).  As of this writing a döner kebab goes for €3.50.

Other than döner kebabs, Ali Baba also has a variety of other Turkish dishes of which I’ve never even tried figuring out the names of, so I recommend just pointing at whatever looks good.

One thing that’s important though, Ali Baba’s döner spit is absolutely massive each morning, but it is usually completely depleted by 6pm.  So make it a lunch or early dinner option.

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