Christmas in Munich

Travel Tips — By Mike Richardson on December 24, 2010 at 9:48 am

Now that the Christmas markets are shut, it’s time to relax, stay warm, and enjoy spending time with your family.   Merry Christmas everybody!

What’s that?  You’re not Christian or for whatever reason aren’t concerned with celebrating Christmas traditionally?  Hmm…okay, here’s how Christmas may disrupt your vacation in Munich:  every store legally has to be closed, most restaurants will be closed, and nearly all tourist sights are closed as well.  All respectable tour companies are shut for at least two days for Christmas also (since they simply can’t get tour guides to come in).  Some ethnic restaurants will be open, all the churches are open (even if you’re not Christian, the churches have some of the most beautiful art and architecture you’re going to see in the region), and you can wander the “altstadt” (old town) without anyone in your way.  It’s just two days (25th and 26th) and then everything is back to normal.

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