Bavarian Food

Food — By Mike Richardson on January 22, 2011 at 9:02 am

I’ve spent a lot of time lately on here highlighting the best of the Bavarian restaurants in Munich.  Although that’s great on its own, I should probably explain the traditional Bavarian food options.

Here’s a quick guide:

Brez’n – Very large fairly hard pretzels, usually sold individually and quite often eaten with Obazda (see below) in beer gardens.  If a plate of them is on the table, they are not free.
Käsespätzle – Egg noodles with cheese and sometimes bacon bits or onions on top
Knödel – Dumplings, they come usually in bread or potato varieties, although there are many others
Leberkäse – Usually translated as “meatloaf”, the consistency is much closer to SPAM, this is a possible Bavarian fast food option as well (in any of the markets)
Obazda – Bright orange colored cheese spread
Radi – Thin slices of white radish
Schweinebraten – Roast pork slices, often with some of the crackling similar to Schweinshaxe, but much easier to eat as it is in slices.

Schweinshaxe– Roast pork knuckle (the shoulder), often just referred to as “Hax’n”
Steckerlfisch – Whitefish or trout grilled on a stick, usually only found in beer gardens
Weisswurst – Not-quite-boiled veal and pork sausage, normally served only for breakfast and served with sweet mustard.

Did you notice anything on the list?  The only sausage is the weisswurst as it is the only local sausage. It was supposedly invented at Munich’s Marienplatz in 1857.

My personal favorite is always the schweinshaxe and I’m not sure you could claim to have visited Munich without having one as it is just part of the experience.

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