Weisses Bräuhaus

Food — By Mike Richardson on March 24, 2011 at 6:10 pm

This beer hall is in every guidebook for its intriguing menu, excellent location, and good beer.  Before World War II it was the location of a brewery, but today it’s one of the busiest beer halls in town.  It’s not considered among the major beer halls, however, as its brewery is not among the big six of Munich.  Instead, the Schneider beer that is served has its brewery just outside of town and only produces wheat beer.

The Food:  Traditional Bavarian taken to an extreme.  Here you can find lung, udder, and any other random piece of animal that you might not want to try.  (For the record, the cow udder is made like a schnitzel and actually isn’t bad at all)

The Price:  Definitely on the high end of the spectrum for Bavarian restaurants, it should cost you 13-18 Euros for a meal.

The Beer:  They serve Schneiderweisse for their wheat beer and Tegernseer for their Helles, both well known breweries for their respective types of beer.

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