Spring Fest! It’s kind of like Oktoberfest

Events — By Mike Richardson on May 5, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Frühlingsfest, Munich’s spring festival, is quite similar to the Oktoberfest, but smaller.

Held on the northern half of the Oktoberfest grounds (the Theresienwiese), the spring festival is going on as I write this and will continue until May 15th.  If you are heading to Munich in the next week and want a cultural experience, then this is perfect.  Like the Oktoberfest, it has large beer tents, rides for the kids, and typical carnival foods as well as the traditional food served inside the beer tents.  It is significantly milder than the Oktoberfest itself due it its small size, yet has a very similar atmosphere with the Lederhosen, dirndls, and plenty of roast pork to go around.  Food and drink prices are similar to anywhere in town, but the reason to go is the atmosphere.  If you’ve already been to the Hofbräuhaus, then this should be your next stop.

Again, the festival is going on now and goes until Sunday May 15th.

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