Munich Volksfests (Local Festivals) in June

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on May 28, 2011 at 6:36 pm

I know what you’re thinking.  What is a volksfest?

Well, a volksfest is a festival/carnival similar to a county fair in the United States.  In Germany, these are held in nearly every town sometime between spring and fall.  That includes the suburbs.

The largest and most famous volksfest in Germany is the infamous Oktoberfest which is held in Munich, mostly in September.  The Oktoberfest attracts nearly 7 million people each year, overwhelming the city and driving sober people insane.  However, if you want a similar experience to the Oktoberfest, but with a more “authentic” feel to it, then one of the smaller volksfests might be for you.

Each month from now until October, I plan to point out volksfests that can be visited as a day trip from Munich.  These are family friendly affairs that have typical carnival rides and games as well as the huge beer tents like Oktoberfest, but without most of the hassle.

So grab your lederhosen/dirndl and check these out!

01.06.-05.06.2011 Volksfest Oberschleißheim  -> Take the S1 towards the airport and get off at Obersleissheim and easily walk from there.

22.06.-02.07.2011 Volksfest Füssen -> Take the regional train (hourly) to Füssen (where those headed for Neuschwanstein are also going) and walk 5 minutes from the train station.


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