Free Music Festivals in Munich

Events — By Mike Richardson on July 26, 2011 at 10:36 am

Theatron Summer Music Festival (July 28 to August 21):

Every summer Munich hosts a couple of free music festivals, the largest of which is held in the Olympic park. A stage is set up right in the center of the Olympic park, hosting 69 separate bands playing over the course of the festival. Two days (August 4 and 11) will host a large fireworks show, and 21 short films will pepper the event. Organizers expect around 4,000 visitors per day on average. Take a look at the entire schedule at the Theatron website here.

Backstage Free & Easy Festival (July 24 to August 6):

If you prefer indoor shows with more international bands, there’s the Free & Easy festival, held annually at the Backstage club in Munich. The Backstage has four concert venues, a large beer garden, and additional party areas. The bands performing over the course of the festival cover a range of genres: metal, punk, indie, rock, hip hop, and electro. All concerts are completely free and beer’s cheap too: only €4.80 per liter. Unfortunately this festival is shorter than the Theatron Summer Music Festival, but if you’re coming to Munich soon, you should check it out. You can have a look at the program here.

The Backstage is located just three S-bahn stops away from Munich’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station). The S-bahn stop is called the Hirschgarten and the Backstage is easily visible from the platform as it is just north of the tracks, and rather large.

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