Labor Day Weekend in Munich

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on July 29, 2011 at 12:18 pm

The American and Canadian Labor Day weekend is no holiday here in Munich, but it is a great time to visit. Actually, we’d go as far as saying it may be the best time of year to come!

Backpackers are back to school, teachers are back to school, and there are no kids in sight. Everything is still open with full summer hours in effect, yet there are no crowds. This short lull in the season is ideal for travelers of all types. It’s not that there’s nothing going on during this time; it’s just that most international travelers are not here. As was mentioned in a recent blog post, there are several volks festivals going on during this time that can be just as much or more fun than the Oktoberfest, but without the hassle.

Labor Day weekend also happens to be the time when Munich celebrates its Isar Island festival, hosting musicians, music, and food on an island in the Isar River near the bridge where Munich’s history began.

Tours that you would normally avoid due to crowds run with five to ten people, palaces are empty, and the weather is some of the best of the year. Oktoberfest revelers don’t arrive for another week, making this the dead time that makes it a dead easy choice.

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