New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Munich

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on November 30, 2011 at 9:39 pm

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights where you want everything to go right and have a good time.  Whether that means splurging on a fancy dinner, dancing the night away, or blowing up as many fireworks as possible, you want to have a plan.  Thankfully, as far as Munich is concerned, you have me to help you out.  Here are a few ideas:

Olympiaberg – The Olympiaberg is a hill at the Olympic Park where hundreds of people gather to launch (or just watch) massive amounts of fireworks.  If you head out to the Olympic Park it is pretty easy to see where you want to set up, just make sure to be there around midnight and I recommend fire resistant clothing as well as helmets.

Kult Fabrik & Optimalwerke – These two areas with dozens dance clubs are where to be if you want to party hard.  If you’re between 18 and 30 years old, no matter what your taste in music or refreshments, you should be able to find something out there as long as you don’t mind everyone else partying as hard as possible too!

Hofbräuhaus – Normally I would suggest only visiting the ground floor of the Hofbräuhaus.  However, New Year’s Eve is one of those times where you might want to head on upstairs and do it with class in the fest hall.   This year’s band is a local acoustic, blues, folk sing-a-long band that could be a very cultural experience and even better if you understand German.  Make sure to book ahead through the Hofbräuhaus itself.

Tollwood – Tollwood is a festival held on the Oktoberfest grounds and for New Year’s Eve they have live bands, DJs, and of course hundreds of people launching fireworks at midnight.

Marienplatz – No matter what you are doing in Munich the rest of the evening, if you want to be at ground zero, then you have to be at Marienplatz.  This is probably the most dangerous option (because of the tremendous amounts of fireworks people set off), but could also be the most fun and certainly great for photos.

New Year’s Eve at the Hofbräuhaus



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