Weekend Getaways

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on December 26, 2011 at 9:09 pm

One great thing about Munich is its location being very central and allowing for weekend getaways ranging from skiing in the Alps to sightseeing in Paris or Prague.  It all depends on your budget and your interests.  Mode of transportation is another big factor as with extremely cheap airfare, even Spain could be considered a cheap weekend getaway from Munich!

All things considered, I would like to focus on the region known as Bavaria.  Munich is the capital of Bavaria and so it makes sense to have maybe one or two side trips from Munich to these places involving an overnight stay.  These of course could be done as a day trip, but if you have the time can make for great weekend trips as well.

  1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber – This beautiful town on the romantic road is on the shortlist for most travelers simply because of the beauty of the town.  Historically it was a small backwater village and because of that, it remains for the most part a fully intact medieval town.  Walk along the top of the city walls, tour the largest crime and punishment museum in the world, or visit the town hall’s dungeon for a wonderful weekend away from the big city lights of Munich.
  2. Würzburg – At the Northern tip of the romantic road, Würzburg is often overlooked in favor of Rothenburg.  However, Würzburg is a completely different experience and one that is just as interesting and in many was more interesting due to several architectural styles and drastic age differences amongst its beautiful buildings .  Since it is a larger town it was bombed during the Second World War, but enough has remained to make it one of my top choices for sightseeing in the entire country.  If you decide to make it a long weekend, you can make Rothenburg a day trip from Würzburg as there is more to see in Würzburg.  The Castle on the hill or the largest fresco in the world are just the starting points.
  3. Hohenschwangau – Just six kilometers from the nearest train station (Füssen), Hohenschwangau’s two famous palaces are what draw millions of visitors per year.  If you want to take your time and see both palaces, then spending a night in Hohenschwangau, neighboring Füssen, or just over the border in Reutte (Austria) might be a good idea.  In fact, there are several medieval castles in the area that can be visited easily by public transportation and a good pair of hiking shoes.

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