Biking in Munich

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on January 14, 2012 at 5:24 pm

Bicycling in and around Munich is extremely popular for residents and tourists alike.  While you’re here it is a great idea to hop on a bike and experience more of the city.   Munich is known as one of Europe’s most bike friendly cities and especially in the warmer months of the year it is possibly the best way to get around.

There are several bike rental companies in town with the easiest being the bike rental at the Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) as it is open most of the year, the location is central, and they have English speaking staff.  Radius Tours and bike Rental can be found directly in front of track 31 in the main train station.

Another option for biking in Munich would be bike tours.  There are, as of 2012, four tour companies offering bike tours of the city.  I do not, however, recommend the bike tours and here is why:  they don’t show you the historic part of the city.  Since this is the case, I just don’t understand why anyone would choose a bike tour over a walking tour.   Biking Munich is best when you’re alone or with your friends and family.

Where should you go with a bike?  Well, there are lots of options depending on your fitness level.  Munich is an extremely flat city, so even if you’re not really in shape you should still be able to get around Munich easily.  That being said:  Nymphenburg palace, the Olympic park, and the English gardens are the usual top choices for tourists with bicycles and they seem to please nearly every time.  Be sure to get a map before you leave the bike rental and it should be no problem!

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  • Brenda Duppong says:

    Are there places to park and lock a bike near the entrances to Nymphenburg Palace and at BMW-Welt near Olympic park during a day trip by bike?

  • Mike Richardson says:

    Yes, Brenda, there are many places at every entrance to the Nymphenburg park as well as directly at the main Palace entrance. BMW-Welt also has plenty of bike parking as well as there being an U-bahn stop directly next door which has places for hundreds of bikes.


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