Beer and brewery tours in the Beer capital of the world

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on February 15, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Munich is without any question the beer capital of the world.  It’s a major part of the culture and traditions of Bavaria famous the world over.  When most foreigners talk about German culture, nearly everything they mention is actually just in Bavaria and not in the rest of the country at all or at least certainly to a lesser degree.

Today millions of visitors come to Munich to experience everything that is Bavarian, and certainly that means sampling the local brews, visiting the most famous beer halls, and possibly taking a tour in the attempt of understanding how ingrained in the fabric of Münchner life the beer really is.

The most obvious choice for most beer enthusiasts is to go directly to the breweries and see if there are tours.  None of the “big Six” breweries of Munich have regular tours, but each of them have tours if you are willing to book weeks in advance and have more than nine people in your group.  The tours typically involve showing you how beer is produced and why that specific brewery has become an impressive world renowned brand (all six are).  What is not covered is any history of beer, beer culture, traditions around beer and brewing, and basically anything that you were interested in when you had the idea to visit the beer capital of the world.

In order to get that kind of experience you either need to attend one of the big beer-related cultural events (Oktoberfest, Starkbierfest, or one of the many volksfests listed here) and talk to the locals while you do it, or you need to take a beer culture tour from one of the local tour companies.  I know what you’re thinking:  pub crawl.  I’m not.  Pub crawls are all about getting backpacking Australians drunk. What I am recommending are actual tours where you learn, are shown historic places and things, and get to sample the various brews available in the region.  Various companies offer variations on this theme, here are two good examples:

Radius Tours Bavarian food and beer tour

Munich Walk tours beer and microbrewery tour


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