25 Museums of Munich

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on March 15, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Some people are palace people, some are castle people, some are party people, but there is also that rare breed known as the museum type.  When in Munich, as with most major cities, you should probably visit a few museums.  If you are, in fact, one of the rare breed of museum goers that can do it all day every day, it will take you quite a few days to get everything done in Munich.  Here is a sample of 25 museums in Munich:

  1. Deutsches Museum – Germany’s largest science and technology museum
  2. Egyptian Museum – From mummies to pottery, this fills one wing of the downtown royal palace known as the Residenz
  3. Alpine Museum
  4. Potato Museum
  5. Alte Pinakothek – The most masterpieces per square foot of any museum in Bavaria
  6. Neue Pinakothek – Munich’s top modern art museum
  7. Pinakothek der Moderne – Post modernism…
  8. Munich city museum – A must do
  9. Bavarian National Museum – Only really for those who already understand Bavaria quite well
  10. Karl Valentin Museum – The Charlie Chaplin of Germany
  11. BMW Museum  – Everything BMW has ever done
  12. Fishing and Hunting Museum
  13. Museum of Man and Nature – In one of the wings of Nymphenburg Palace
  14. Geology Museum
  15. Glyptothek – classical art at Königsplatz
  16. Antiquities Museum – pottery and ancient art
  17. Haus der Kunst
  18. Lenbachhaus
  19. Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung – Special exhibits which change every few months, check the website for details of what’s on at the moment
  20. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum – The culture of Bavaria
  21. State Museum of Ethnology
  22. Munich Jewish Museum
  23. Munich Toy Museum
  24. Kinder- und Jugendmuseum (Children and Youth Museum)
  25. Museum of Crystals – Run by the University, located at the Neue Pinakothek

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