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Events in Munich

Events in Munich April 26, 2012 | Events | Read More
Munich has a cultural event of some kind every few weeks, so much so that if you visit at any time there is a good chance of catching a great moment in the city’s history.

Festivals in Munich

Festivals in Munich February 9, 2012 | Events | Read More
People ask me all the time when is the best time to visit Munich.  My answer is different depending on what I believe the person wants to see and do.  A lot of people aren’t that interested in actual sightseeing and instead want experiences with the culture.  In Munich’s case we are talking about...

Experiencing the Oktoberfest

Experiencing the Oktoberfest September 25, 2011 | Events | Read More
The majority of visitors to the world famous Okotberfest simply do not see much of the actual event.  Like a state fair in the United States, there are many things going on at the Oktoberfest and to walk in, take the first seat you see, spend the whole day there, and then leave, is not what I call experiencing...

Free Music Festivals in Munich

Free Music Festivals in Munich July 26, 2011 | Events | Read More
Theatron Summer Music Festival (July 28 to August 21): Every summer Munich hosts a couple of free music festivals, the largest of which is held in the Olympic park. A stage is set up right in the center of the Olympic park, hosting 69 separate bands playing over the course of the festival. Two days...

Munich city founding festival, Stadtgründungsfest

Munich city founding festival, Stadtgründungsfest May 24, 2011 | Events | Read More
Munich is a young city and so we still celebrate its founding every year until it becomes an adult at some stage.  This year Munich will be 853 years old. (The neighboring city of Augsburg is 2026 years old this year, if you want to claim Munich as old) As with every year the city celebrates with a...

Summer Tollwood Festival

Summer Tollwood Festival May 21, 2011 | Events | Read More
One of the highlights of the summer in Munich is the Tollwood festival.  Actually, there are two Tollwood festivals, one in the summer and one in the winter and they are very different affairs.  The summer Tollwood is part music venue and part yuppie craft fair.  It is held at the extreme Southern...

Kaltenberg Knight’s Tournament

Kaltenberg Knight’s Tournament May 17, 2011 | Events | Read More
Kaltenberg, best known worldwide for its brewery, is also known to Münchners for its massive medieval festival held every July.  The Kaltenberg knight’s tournament is a very German approach to a medieval festival, but could be fun no matter what your language.  What it consists of is a medieval...

Spring Fest! It’s kind of like Oktoberfest

Spring Fest!  It’s kind of like Oktoberfest May 5, 2011 | Events | Read More
Frühlingsfest, Munich’s spring festival, is quite similar to the Oktoberfest, but smaller. Held on the northern half of the Oktoberfest grounds (the Theresienwiese), the spring festival is going on as I write this and will continue until May 15th.  If you are heading to Munich in the next week and...

May Pole Time in Bavaria!

May Pole Time in Bavaria! April 30, 2011 | Events | Read More
A may pole is a decorated pole or tree, usually put up on May 1st. In most regions, like in Bavaria, it is a much celebrated event usually in the town square and is connected with a little village fair. A traditional Bavarian may pole will have blue and white painted spirals, from bottom left to upper...

Starkbierfest (strong beer festival)

Starkbierfest (strong beer festival) March 11, 2011 | Events, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
Fasching (Carnival) is over and so that means one thing to many Bavarians:  it is now strong beer season.  Aside from the Oktoberfest, this is the 2nd biggest beer festival in the city of Munich and a personal favorite of mine as Starkbier has a more roasted flavor which really appeals to me. Unlike...