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Events in Munich

Events in Munich April 26, 2012 | Events | Read More
Munich has a cultural event of some kind every few weeks, so much so that if you visit at any time there is a good chance of catching a great moment in the city’s history.

Festivals in Munich

Festivals in Munich February 9, 2012 | Events | Read More
People ask me all the time when is the best time to visit Munich.  My answer is different depending on what I believe the person wants to see and do.  A lot of people aren’t that interested in actual sightseeing and instead want experiences with the culture.  In Munich’s case we are talking about...

Experiencing the Oktoberfest

Experiencing the Oktoberfest September 25, 2011 | Events | Read More
The majority of visitors to the world famous Okotberfest simply do not see much of the actual event.  Like a state fair in the United States, there are many things going on at the Oktoberfest and to walk in, take the first seat you see, spend the whole day there, and then leave, is not what I call experiencing...

Partying after the Oktoberfest closes

Partying after the Oktoberfest closes September 23, 2011 | Nightlife | Read More
The Oktoberfest goes all day long and ends, for some, rather early.  If you are the type of person that likes to party all night long then after midnight you’re going to have to find somewhere else to do it other than the Oktoberfest grounds.  The vast majority of the hordes will head over to Europe’s...

Food at the Oktoberfest

Food at the Oktoberfest September 16, 2011 | Food | Read More
Although the focus for many is on the beer at the Oktoberfest, if you want to survive you must eat almost as much as you drink.  Just like at any major festival, there are lots of options to choose from. In the Tents:   All of the tents have traditional Bavarian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ...

Labor Day Weekend in Munich

Labor Day Weekend in Munich July 29, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
The American and Canadian Labor Day weekend is no holiday here in Munich, but it is a great time to visit. Actually, we’d go as far as saying it may be the best time of year to come! Backpackers are back to school, teachers are back to school, and there are no kids in sight. Everything is still...

Tips for the Oktoberfest

Tips for the Oktoberfest July 15, 2011 | Travel Tips | Read More
Although the famous Oktoberfest is still a couple months away, it’s never too early to look into your plans for the largest beer bash on Earth. Hotels are usually booked a year in advance (though availabilities always exist, so don’t give up hope!), tours run with peak season numbers, and nearby...

Munich Volksfests (Local Festivals) in June

Munich Volksfests (Local Festivals) in June May 28, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
I know what you’re thinking.  What is a volksfest? Well, a volksfest is a festival/carnival similar to a county fair in the United States.  In Germany, these are held in nearly every town sometime between spring and fall.  That includes the suburbs. The largest and most famous volksfest in Germany...

Spring Fest! It’s kind of like Oktoberfest

Spring Fest!  It’s kind of like Oktoberfest May 5, 2011 | Events | Read More
Frühlingsfest, Munich’s spring festival, is quite similar to the Oktoberfest, but smaller. Held on the northern half of the Oktoberfest grounds (the Theresienwiese), the spring festival is going on as I write this and will continue until May 15th.  If you are heading to Munich in the next week and...

Making the most of the Oktoberfest, part 2

Making the most of the Oktoberfest, part 2 September 14, 2010 | Events, Food, Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
In this second part of the Oktoberfest series we’ll cover the tents, beers, food, and tipping. The Oktoberfest beer tents all have a slightly different flavor. The main tents were recently written about here if you’d like to have a look at them individually.  The fact is, to truly experience...