California Cuisine at ad hoc

Food — By Craig Given on September 26, 2011 at 11:32 pm

ad hoc restaurantFor those not familiar with California cuisine, dining at ad hoc in Yountville (just north of Napa) may come as a surprise. California cuisine is often defined by not only the fusion of cooking genres, but also by using only locally sourced fresh ingredients. By the very nature of using only what is fresh and local at the moment, many diners not familiar with the style might be surprised by how limited a menu will be. Ad hoc takes that concept to the next level though by only serving one meal per night. No longer must you stress over what to get. The 4 course meal, served to your table family style, is decided by the restaurant and posted to their website daily. If you are a particularly picky eater it’s probably a good idea to check the site before you arrive, however they carefully select a well rounded meal 5 days a week. The atmosphere is lively and the dress is somewhere between casual and business casual.

While you might think it would be a tough not getting to choose from a menu at a restaurant, the model works. In business since 2007, ad hoc continues to be one of the most popular restaurants in the Napa area. Rather than having to focus on making several different dishes well, the kitchen focuses on making one meal extraordinary. Make a reservation because it’s a popular spot, and save your decision making for the wine list.

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