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Harvest Time in Napa

Harvest Time in Napa September 21, 2011 | What's New | Read More
Early autumn is a magical time in Napa. Vineyards are harvesting their crops and preparing to crush the fruit. Both “harvest” and “crush” celebrations are plentiful this time of year in the valley. Temperatures have been cooler than average this summer, which is leading to a later...

Harvest STOMP in Napa

Harvest STOMP in Napa September 6, 2011 | Events, What's New | Read More
For four years now, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers have been throwing an annual party to raise money and celebrate the upcoming harvest season. Appropriately named¬†Harvest STOMP,¬†it’s one of the best parties of the year in Napa Valley. Dust off your cowboy boots (so they can get dusty again) and...

The No Tour Bus Napa Winery Tour: 5 Favorite Small Napa Wineries

The No Tour Bus Napa Winery Tour: 5 Favorite Small Napa Wineries June 25, 2010 | Food, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Experience winemaking history at Ehlers Estate If your heart sinks when you pull into a winery parking lot and see a football field-sized parking lot crammed with tour buses belching exhaust, you may be tempted to give up on Napa altogether. That would be unfortunate, because the old Napa is still there,...
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