New Delhi Auto-rickshaws. GPS on Three Wheels

Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Sanjay Kumar on June 23, 2010 at 6:01 am

Auto-rickshaws or Autos are among the first things you notice on New Delhi roads. These three-wheeled wonders weave on and out of the traffic like ninjas evading pursuit. A ride in them, even for a short distance, is the equivalent to getting on one of the Disney rides; minus the feeling of safety, of course.

Till now, the best way catch one of these was to flag them down or find them at the railway or the bus stations.

The Delhi government, has other plans.

Beginning next year, these autos will be a call or a SMS away – just like radio cabs. So all you do is call a number and an auto comes to pick you up. All autos will be GPS enabled. They will have two-way communication devices that will also help check over speeding and deviation from the shortest route between two points.

And then, there will be another commuter-friendly feature. The panic button. You press it. The nearest police van reaches you immediately. Because they know where you are, courtesy GPS.

The system is still a few months away, though. So, if you are the kind that savors the thrill of the wind-in-the-hair, dust-in-the-face ride, jump in. The New Delhi auto-rickshaw ride is a brave heart tale to regale your grandchildren with.

Photo: Sanjay Kumar

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