Hidden In Plain Sight – Five Places You Have Never Heard Of In Delhi

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On your way to the Qutub, on your way to the Jama, on your way to the Old Fort, on your way to almost anywhere, you pass each of these hidden gems. But you are so intent on the next stop on your itinerary that you hardly notice the clues: a partly hidden board, the narrow passageway, the whiff of spices or even the snatch of a soulful song. Just so that you don’t miss them the next time around, we have decided to simply list them out for you. Here goes:

  1. The Crafts Museum
  2. Ugrasen ki Baoli
  3. Alai Minar
  4. Khari Baoli
  5. Nizamuddin’s Qawwali

Next to the Old Fort, The Craft’s Museum is the perfect place to marvel at hand-crafted souvenirs, see artisans at work and pick up a few gifts for friends and family.

Bang in the center of the city, Ugrasen ki Baoli is an ancient step well. Visit to marvel at the architectural ingenuity…if you can’t bring the water up, find a means to get the people down.

The tallest building competition is not a modern affliction. Visit the Alai Minar to see what remains of the abortive challenge to the Qutub.

Why should your eyes have all the fun? Just pop in to Khari Baoli to experience olfactory nirvana. And finish off by giving your ears the pleasure of soulful Sufi devotional songs at the tomb of Nizamuddin.

Our helpful nature knows no limits. We have compiled all the relevant information about these places here. So that you don’t have to waste your time on research. Just download our guide and go, discover. Done with that? We have more in store. Your next assignment: The Top 10 Offbeat Things To Do In Delhi.

(Photo courtesy: Saad.Akhtar)

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