Delhi: A Nobel Experience

Events — By Sanjay Kumar on December 18, 2010 at 10:22 am

Alfred Nobel Networks of Innovation, an a traveling exhibition featuring the life and work of Swedish chemist,engineer,industrialist and innovator Alfred Nobel is now in Delhi. From his books, his medical kit, shopping bills and even his last will are on display. It has been classified into different parts of Nobel’s life in St Petersburg,Paris and Stockholm. On display at the National Science Centre in Pragati Maidan till Feb. 28, 2011 it features 160 monitors,glass consoles,touch screens and fancy lighting.

Famous for inventing the dynamite, Nobel was awarded the Letterstedt Medal along with his father,Immanuel Nobel,by the Royal Swedish Academy in 1868 for contribution to explosive technologies. The medal is on display at the exhibition.

The most important aspect of the exhibition is his will instituting the prestigious Nobel prize for physics,chemistry,medicine,literature and peace. The exhibition also features Nobels mirror reflector, laboratory flasks,a manuscript of his poem You say I am a riddle written in 1851 and his membership card of Austrian Peace Society to show his contribution in all these fields.

(Photo Courtesy: Blatantworld)