Now, Spreading Ideas – The Reinvention of a Polluting Powerplant

What's New — By Sanjay Kumar on December 28, 2010 at 7:42 am

It is called adaptive reuse. And this is one project that will have the green brigade cheering. What better use for a shutdown power plant that spewed pollutants than converting it into an art gallery.

Inspired by the example of Tate Modern in London which was a power plant before, the Delhi Government is planning to do the same with the IP Power plant.

It will not be art through and through. Part of the complex will be a bus depot, another part will be designated as a city forest. But the use of the building itself as an art gallery will be central to the adaptive reuse. Green building norms like rooftop heliostats and circulation light wells and a rooftop garden will increase the green cover of the site. There will be modern day-lighting techniques like west facade shading and induced stack effect in atriums which will all go towards reducing the carbon footprint of the complex.

When complete this will be another instance of art setting a wrong right.  Delhi, will have its own Tate. Sometimes, imitation is the best thing in art.

(Pic: Sanjay Kumar)

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