Blog Action Day: Drink Tap Water, NYC-Style

What's New — By sarahpruitt on October 15, 2010 at 7:51 pm

The topic of this year’s Blog Action Day is water—the stuff that flows through our oceans and rivers, fills our bottles (be they eco-conscious aluminum or regular old plastic) and runs through our taps.

Here in New York City, we have some of the best-tasting tap water in the world, so good it’s been bottled for sale. There’s even a new line of products (co-produced by the city’s Environmental Protection Department and the home goods store Fish’s Eddy) bearing the logo “Drink NYC Water.” In New York, as we’ve said before…skip the bottled, go for the tap water!

By Greg Rieger via flickr

We’re lucky. Clean, safe drinking water is something we may take for granted, but it’s also something almost a billion people—or one in every eight people on Earth—don’t have. In Africa alone, women spend more than 40 billion hours a year walking for miles in order to get water (which many times is not even all that safe to drink). And of the 42,000 people that die every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions, 90 percent are children ages five and under.

For more details about these issues, and to see what other people are saying around the Web about these issues, check out the Blog Action Day website.|Start Petition

(Image courtesy of Greg Riegler)

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