Lobster is King in Newport

Food, Things to Do — By Mike Virgintino on October 9, 2010 at 11:54 am

Fresh lobsters from the waters of New England can be cooked in a variety of ways, making this jewel of the sea one of the most popular meals found on Newport restaurant menus. Dishes include lobster rolls and lobster macaroni and cheese.

Lobster tales, similar to fish tales, can come in heavy doses in this town. Stories even include the descriptions of netting uniquely-colored lobsters. Earlier this year, one Newport lobster story that received wide media attention was the capture of a large yellow lobster. This story was true, and pictures were taken to prove it. Unfortunately, the sea creature did not survive captivity and died in about a month.

The commercial dock in Newport is "home" for its lobstermen.

To learn what lobstermen need to do to get lobsters to market and the dinner plate, take a walk to the commercial dock at the end of Long Wharf where it meets Washington Street. Right there you will see hundreds of traps piled high and commercial lobstermen preparing bait, traps and boats, or off-loading their harvest. They work long hours in all kinds of weather and can spend several days at a time on the water.

Learn all about lobsters and lobsterman in a quick and easy-to-read book by Barbara Delinsky. Does a Lobersterman Wear Pants? is published by Down East Books (1-800-685-7962). Organized in a question and answer format, this quick read pocketbook addresses everything you ever wanted to know about lobsters (even the romance), how lobstermen work and the equipment they use.

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