Photographing The Falls

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Everyone who visits Niagara Falls wants to preserve the memory in  photographs, and no wonder.  The Falls are one of the world’s most important and most visited destinations.  And they are awesomely beautiful  And so are you!

But how can you capture the Falls, and you in front of them, at their very best?

Sometimes photography at the Falls is tricky.

Here are some tips that will make your pics more effective.

Shooting in The Mist

First, there is the mist. Seldom absent, the fine spray from the Falls can be very refreshing on a hot summer’s day, but it can mess up the clarity of a photo.

But it can also give you great pics, like the one below, simply because it’s a dramatic and kind of romantic natural effect.

(Photo courtesy of Robert Orr)

One thing you can do to improve your misty pics is to use natural light.  Be sure to turn off your flash because the mist will reflect the light back.  Also, if you are using a camera with pre-sets, you can use the overcast setting.  There are times when the fog is less of a problem – Autumn and Spring are often very foggy, but high summer is less so.

If you want to buy in to the drama of the Falls in extreme fog, visit either early in the morning or early evening, when the mist is heaviest.  And if the sun is setting or rising, you’ get some unique effects.

Lost in The Crowd

Second, there’s the crowds.  While they are interesting in themselves and make great subjects for photos, if you want just the Falls, or just you and the Falls, that can be problematic.

To avoid the crowds, you have to arrive early at Fall’s edge.  That way you can get an unobstructed shot, and also get a pic of yourself with the Falls as a backdrop.Crowds  are at their densest from mid-morning to late afternoon.  One of the best spots for a photo is Table Rock.

But the people are interesting photo material too as this pic shows.

(photo courtesy of Robert Orr)

or this one:

(photo courtesy of Robert Orr)

Taking It All In

Thirdly, the Falls are huge and it is difficult to capture their awesomeness.

To photograph the immensity of the Falls, you need to get farther away from them. My favourite place for a comprehensive and dramatic photo is from the Skywheel on Clifton Hill. Several of the Fallsview hotels have great views from their upper floors as well, especially the Marriot Fallsview,  and the Konica Tower gives you a great perspective.  You can take great shots from the Maid of the Mist, or for a real aerial view, take a Helicopter Ride .

(Photo courtesy of Robert Orr)

These tips should help you capture the great images of your trip to Niagara Falls.

If you’ve taken some pics of the Falls that you are really proud of, post them here for others to enjoy!  Or share your tips for taking the best view of the Falls.

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