July 1st Celebrations

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Fireworks, face-paint, music and parades; that’s what Canada Day in the Niagara Region is all about. There are two main destinations for tourists where you can enjoy Canada Day, which is celebrated yearly on July 1st in the Niagara Region.

Firstly there is of course Niagara Falls. At Optimist Park the day starts off with a parade that heads down through The Falls area to honour our Canadian soldiers. After the excitement of the parade, stop back off at Optimist Park where there are bands, games and free cake to ring in Canada Day. The Niagara Falls Lions Carnival is on site as well, so take in a few sounds of the Wilber James Blues Band or watch in amazement at The Zero Gravity Circus before you venture on the rides the carnival provides. If none of that amazes you, well then how about a free swim at any swimming pool in Niagara Falls and a car show at the Park. After all the fun and adventure throughout the day for the whole family your one last stop for the day should be to The Falls itself where there will be a glorious display of fireworks for the ends of the world to see.

If you are not feeling the whole parade or want to get away from Niagara Falls for the day and feel like being more like a local in the Niagara Region then your best bet is to venture off to Port Dalhousie for Canada’s Day. Here the rides and fun don’t stop as the Lions Club Carnival with midway rides is also here. Take a ride of the famous merry-go-round then stop off for a hotdog or two in the carnival grounds. Take a walk along the pier or just sit there and watch all the passer-byers taking in the beauty of Port Dalhousie. End the night off here with one of the summer’s largest fireworks display on the shores of Lake Ontario. This is something that you won’t want to miss. The Port Dalhousie carnival is located at The Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie, just a 30-minute drive from The Falls.

You have two choices, Niagara Falls or Port Dalhousie to celebrate Canada Day. Both with carnivals and events that will be one to remember its up to you and the family which you choose to partake in. just know whichever you do choose you will be happy with your choice. Happy Canada Day!

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